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Best and new passive income ideas in 2023

Passive income ideas in 2023

In this article i m going to describe best and new passive income ideas that really works , and this is the genuine method for all types of peoples. So who want to know about how to make money in a passive way then read this entire article which is really helpful

Here are my seven favourite ways to make passive income:

Idea# 1 : Build a YouTube channel


Passive income ideas in 2023

So it costs you nothing to get started, and you can use your phone and start filming videos this afternoon if you want to. So the niches that make you the most money can be digital marketing (making money online), personal finance, education, tech (cars and electronics), lifestyle, and fitness

And within these niches, you can make anywhere from $5 up to $20 per thousand views and ad revenue. So at first, this might not sound like much, but remember, videos get consistent, loyal views long after they're created. 

So, for example, let's say you start making personal finance videos and your CPM is $15 per thousand views. Let's say you create two videos a week for six months and get your channel to 10,000 views a day or 300,000 views a month. 

That is $150 a day you've just made from your library of content getting these daily views, that comes up to $4,500 a month or $54,000 a year, which is about the average salary in the US.


 Idea# 2 . Real estate investment


Passive income ideas in 2023

Or maybe you have the money, but you don't want to take the risk of a big mortgage. So an alternate way is to invest through a real estate investment trust. A real estate investment trust is basically a company that owns a portfolio of real estate. 

And you can get access to some of it by buying shares, similar to buying shares in the stock market. So what's also great is that the owners of the trust are obligated to pay out 90% of their income to shareholders, which is you as a dividend. 

Idea# 3. Affiliate marketing

Passive income ideas in 2023

So, millions of people are searching the Internet for products every single day, and this number is only increasing. They're also shopping for things like clothes, watches, furniture, cars, TVs, Nicholas Cage pillows, tacos, sleeping bags, night armour for dogs, and 1943 M4A1 Grizzly Sherman tanks with Continental 975 CI Whirlwind nine-cylinder radial engines. Now, to make passive income with affiliate marketing, you need two things: content and traffic, or attention.

So you can create content by either writing lists, posting review articles, making YouTube videos, or building up a big social media following. Your one and only goal here is to become the middleman or woman between a search and a purchase.

And the best way I know how to do this is through Google because organic search traffic is reliable and consistent month after month. And with a good keyword strategy and doing SEO the right way, you can create a passive income printing machine.  

Idea# 4. Buy index funds 

Passive income ideas in 2023

So in general, people will talk about buying individual stocks that pay the highest dividends. Companies like Lowe's, Johnson are targets because they're profitable big companies. They pay out dividends to their shareholders based on profits. And while it's not a terrible approach, it takes way too much time for me to think about.

So this way, you're exposed to a bunch of different companies at once. So if one of them goes belly up, you're not losing your entire investment. Again, what to do and invest in, but this is the way people have been earning passive income for years. But it takes upfront capital to do it. So it's not the best option on this list,

But number five is one of my favorites, and that's generating passive income  

Idea# 5. Digital products

Passive income ideas in 2023

The Internet has fundamentally changed information and how we buy it. So the potential, in this world of information sales is practically limitless. 

So you could sell a $47 ebook, a $500 phone consultation, or even a full Mastermind programme for $30,000. People are out there doing it. So for more and more creators on YouTube, this is the way things are going. 

So you can even spend time building up a paid community on a platform like School, that gets people real results. So, yes, it's going to require some work, but all passive income is the result of consistent work. You can't forget that. 

Idea# 6. Subscription business

Passive income ideas in 2023

So if you're an expert in something, you can likely create a lot of content around that thing. And if that thing is valuable, people will probably pay for it on a regular basis. So, for example, I have some streaming subscriptions. 

So Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, plus Discovery, plus whatever. Ten years ago Now, you might have laughed about paying a subscription for like eight different streaming services, but here we are. Now, the same thing goes for this creator economy. People in marketing will publish monthly newsletters only available to paid subscribers.


Now, this business model has grown so much that entire platforms are basically developed to help creators monetize their audiences.

Idea# 7. Create a website

Passive income ideas in 2023

The 7th way to build passive income is to create a website that gets a lot of traffic and then monetize it with ads. So you've probably seen this everywhere. Open up your favourite news site, It, and you'll see ads all over the place. And it's kind of a frustrating experience, but it's because it's a good business model.

This is about as passive as it gets, too, because once you have a high-traffic website and a system in place, you get paid based on the number of views your ads get.