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You need going through tough time for success in your life


Someone is having a hard time. Someone is just struggling to keep their head above water. You are trying, but it just doesn't seem to be working out the way you want it to. I thought you'd be in a different place this season.

Life but you're still suffering You don't have a say-so you have a say in what happens to you-so what you do about yourself is the determining voice of who you are. See where life can go. Life is 10% of what happens to you. It's 90% of what you do.

Show me something that has grown so beautifully that there is no dirt in it. You just need dirt on you to grow because there is dirt, but dirt is not fertilized there The dirt of the new tree gives you a belt to push your seed through. starts on, but it comes out dirty.

To grow into what life is meant to be, you must have dirt on you. The only thing I want from you is that no one will serve me every single day. When you taste a little blood, something happens that you didn't expect. You need to go to me on it. You have to be ready to go after what's the best name ever Sometimes you have to fight your way through.

'Gonna fight your way out Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror and say "listen Right now we're covered It's just me and you, but I'll tell you on the other hand. My children My husband Three satellites Your whole life can't pack you in.

You can't just take two steps forward and three steps back after a while. Since you stood out exclusively, that's what explains our test in the middle of the transition.