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I am going to win, and How can I be successful in every field of life?


Success, folks, is a very, very lonely road to travel. Few people are willing to endure the pain, sacrifice, and dedication to success. This is an uphill battle. And along this road, you won't find many friends. You will often see your shadow. When everyone is against you or doesn't believe in you anymore, it's a lonely feeling.

They look at you with the same look and say:

"Why don't you try something else?"

"Why don't you give up?"

There will be times when you feel alone, and when you feel weak, you will feel lonely. And you will doubt yourself, and other people will doubt you, and you will ask yourself, "Am I crazy?"

People will think you are crazy. And sometimes you're going to think you're crazy. You are going to question yourself. It's hard to pick yourself up when you face setbacks and people don't see the vision. And no one believes you. It's going to happen.

But we all have a choice. The choice is whether you let the outside noise influence you or drive you.

What is it going to be?

Don't give up. Stay with him. Stay focused. There have been many times in our lives when people have told us, "You can't do that." Where would you be if you listened to everyone who told you to?"

"You can not do that."

"Oh, you're being unrealistic."

"You're dreaming."

Yes, I'm dreaming. See, many people have stopped dreaming.

Don't you stop dreaming?

It takes courage. You have to dig deep to get it out. Keep going until you do it because you know it's possible. Your self-confidence should be greater than the disbelief of others.

Your faith should be strong enough to block out the noise of everyone around you. And you can just hear your inner dialogue telling you: I can do this, I will do this, I have to do this. And no matter what it takes with every fiber of my being, I'm going to win.

You have to ask yourself:

"What is your reason?"

What motivates you?

What drives you?

What drives you?

And if that thing is internal, if no one has to call you, if no one has to be proud of you, if no one has to reward you, if no one has to give you anything, if you encourage yourself. If you are motivated and self-organized, you can. This, you can be this, you can do this.

Not based on Appearances Don't judge your circumstances and your future prospects based on what you have now and what is happening right now.

No no no no. You must have the faith to call things that are not as they were. And for some of you, you stopped dreaming. You dream for a while and then you stop because things around you don't look good. You drink for a month and when your mouth hurts, you stop drinking and you give up.

You dream for a while, and when people tell you you're crazy, when people tell you you're stupid, and when people tell you it can never come true, you Stop dreaming and you return to knowledge. People will laugh at you. But let me tell you, I believe in revenge. As Frank Sinatra said, the best revenge is a great success.

You must have faith. You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in your abilities. You have to absolutely believe in your service, your company, and your ideas. Take that leap of faith. Trust yourself, believe and know within yourself, and don't doubt everything that everything is going to be okay.

I dare you to use your imagination. I dare you, when you're broke, to use your imagination. I dare you, when you're rich, to use your imagination. I dare you, in every situation, to dream. I dare to keep watching. Keep staring at your dream. Stay focused on your dream. Keep chasing the dream because that's where real success lies.

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