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You can do many several precautions to prevent poor health and disease. This is called prevention. The rules in this blog are the most important things you can do to prevent disease and stay healthy.

About the rules for healthy living 

1.  Eat healthy foods 

2.  keep a healthy weight

3.  Exercises

4.  Drink water and stay hydrated

5.  Get enough good sleep  

Rule 1: Eat Healthy Foods  

How does eating healthy help?  

It gives your body the nutrients to have energy for growth, stay healthy, and fight against diseases. When consumption of bad foods that is dangerous for health and individual life, there are many physical problems happens.  

It helps keep you at a good weight It makes you feel good and produce positive feeling which is good for mental health as well as emotional health.  

Scientific research shows that physical exercises increase the self-steam, thinking skill, decision power and daily workout routines.    

Rule 2: Keep a Healthy Weight  

How does a healthy weight help?  

Less fat on your body makes your heart and joints work easier, taking right nutrients also provide good physical health that everyone want.  

To keep a healthy weight, you must at well and exercise, which also help keep you healthy and active the hormones and other parts of body.  

A good weight makes you feel better about yourself and also good for better looking which increase personal grooming.  

Rule 3: Exercise  

How does exercise help?  

Exercise makes your body and your heart stronger and also reduce stress and depression overall. It improves brain power and remembering thought.  

Get moving all your body by exercise can reduce the risk of diseases ratio and enhance the working ability of important organs (heart, kidney, and liver).  

It plays a major role for digestion process when we do different sessions of exercise the pieces of food in the stomach add in the bloodstream due to speed of metabolism and working of enzymes.   

Rule4:Drink water and stay hydrated   

Why does being hydrated essential?    

Drinking water 8 glasses per day have many benefits. It creates saliva and mucus in the mouth, which help us to digest the food and keep the mouth moist.   

Stay hydrated improve the skin complexion and prevent from many skin disorders like acne, pimple and serious skin issues.   

Water is stored in the body in large quantity when doing hard work or any other warm up activities, it comes up on the upper layer of skin as sweat which produce cooling effect and regulate temperature.  

Both the kidneys regulate fluid levels in the body. Intake of insufficient amount of water can badly damage the kidneys, which cause renal failure and disturb the whole functioning of urinary system.  

Rule 5 : Get enough good sleep   

Why get enough sleep is so essential?  

Get enough sleep is more significant for healthy lifestyle. Not getting good sleep produce stressful hormones which directly cause brain disturbance.  

Even through sleep gives rest to the body that is vital for proper working of all living system in human beings. According to WHO (World Health Organizations) everyone need 8 hours of sleep every day.