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Top 7 digital marketing services & skills


 I'm going to cover the most in-demand digital marketing services that you can offer to your clients right now. I'm also going to go through each service one by one and give my opinion as we go. I'll cover exactly what services we offer in my marketing agency, and I'll highlight the ones that are the best for beginners.

.Let's get into this list, and we're going to start off with some of the biggest and hottest trends right now.

1. Short-form editing

This has been rammed down the throat of every business owner for years now. And so many businesses have taken the risk of launching podcasts, joining other people's podcasts, and creating long-form content for platforms like YouTube. But we are in the short form age right now. 

Tiktok has arrived, and everyone is sharing two short hits of information. Okay, we want it now, as quickly as possible, and as concisely as possible. And so for all of these companies that do produce long form content, they have the ability now to cut those videos up into shorter segments, like the short-form videos that I put out on my channel and various pages on Instagram, TikTok, and so on and so forth.

That content can be created by an external agency, you, me, or somebody else. And it's a service that's pretty easy to fulfill, and it's very easy to quantify the results you get. For a client, the best top of the funnel content is short-form content.It's how people are getting exposure to brand new audiences. Algorithms on all social media platforms favour short-form content right now, and the best thing is the clients that you're targeting will already have an abundance of long-form content.

And so the lifetime value of a customer is very large because you're just maximising on the work that they have already done. It's a win win for both parties. Now, short form video editors charge anything from $30 all the way to $100 per video, depending on their talent. And there is an abundance of potential customers out there. A short-form video editor could work with anyone who makes YouTube videos.

2. User-generated content

This is essentially the new world of influencer marketing. You've probably seen brands run TikTok or Facebook ads with selfie-style portrait-based videos as their creative.

People are demoing their products and speaking highly of them, and they are the best ad creatives that you can use right now. And I can say that because I own an ad agency that spends well over a million a month on ads right now. UGC reigns supreme in terms of creativity.

It's what's getting the highest return on investment, which makes it an incredibly in-demand service for pretty much any e-commerce brand out there right now. And even local businesses are starting to utilize UGC in their marketing efforts. 

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

This is simply the act of optimizing existing companies' websites and landing pages to increase their conversion rate. So you could be adding reviews to their page, adding certain apps that increase conversion rates, or just making sure the website looks better and the user experience is better. Let's do some maps here.

Let's say an e-commerce brand has an average conversion rate of 2% on their website, which is actually pretty low, by the way.

Now, their average order value is $100, so the average amount that a customer spends on their website is $100. And they get 100,000 visitors to their website every single month at a 2% conversion rate. This equates to 2000 customers spending $100. That's $200,000 in revenue every single month. Now, if you increase their website conversion rate by just 1%, they'll get an extra thousand customers every month and an extra $100,000 in revenue.

That's $1.2 million in extra revenue every year from just a 1% increase. Pretty cool, right? You do the math. That's a pretty valuable service.

4. Email marketing

Email is massively on the rise right now. Things are coming full circle. In fact, 59% of all marketers have said that email is their most effective channel for generating new revenue for their clients. And to be honest, I think this has a lot to do with AI tools and algorithms.

In recent years, it's enabled us to set up email automations in ways that we weren't able to do 510 years ago with tools like Clavio. And we can implement and plug-and-play different flows that enable us to squeeze every pound and penny out of all of our existing customers and customers that just fell off and didn't purchase for whatever reason when they visited the website. Email marketing is an incredible service.

5. Copyrighting

This might be writing texts for websites and landing pages, but it's really sales-based copywriting. A lot of people know how to write something so that it makes sense, but not a lot of people know how to write something that actually sells. Make words an art form that pushes people and funnels them into a purchase. Copywriting is extremely important. But it isn't just websites and landing pages.

There's also writing copy for ads and emails, and even scriptwriting for video ads and videos. Now, the great thing about copywriting is that every single business needs it. literally every single one. And I'm not saying that you should go out there and target any and every business, because you shouldn't. That would be foolish. 

But what I would recommend you doing is picking one to three niches that you have an interest in and offering a bespoke service to those people and their specific needs. You can always branch out later down the line, but the jack of all trades is the master of none. So just focus on a small area and know that you do have options if it doesn't work out.

6. Landing pages

Landing pages are the new website, and I believe they have replaced the need for a large index website with multiple pages and layers of content.Nowadays, the average and modern website is just a one pager with short, concise information, good copywriting, and great content as well.

Someone needs to create those landing pages, and there are a plethora of companies out there with outdated, overly complicated websites that are crying out for somebody to come and modernize and, most importantly, simplify them.

7. Content

And this encompasses three things: graphic design, photography, and videography. So we're in the digital age, as we've established, but many business owners out there were not born into this modern world. They do not understand how to create high quality content, and therefore they cannot keep up with their younger, more content-aware competitors. So they seek that innovation and that skill in agencies and in freelancers. And I'm talking social media post design, product photos, promotional videos, and ads.

I know content agencies that charge upwards of $20,000 for one single video shoot. It's an incredibly valuable service, and it's also very creative. I like and have always almost envied the content agencies out there because they get to be very expressive and creative with the services they fulfill. They're essentially getting paid to create art all day. So if you're content-minded, this is a very good option.